SM&RC Structural Engineers Inc. was founded in 2001 by David Blanchette with the goal of providing high quality structural engineering and consulting services in the field of hydraulic structures and other water related infrastructure. Since then SM&RC has grown to incorporate numerous other sectors into our structural engineering portfolio including mining, power, commercial, and civil structures.  Our team is made up of talented individuals, with diverse engineering backgrounds, which allow us to provide you with the best structural engineering services possible. We have experience in providing services to industrial, commercial, and private sector clients along with federal, state, and local governments.


We are committed to providing our clients with innovative structural engineering solutions and completing projects on time and on budget. We believe a detailed, accurate set of design drawings and specifications is essential to accomplishing these goals. All of our engineers will go above and beyond to communicate with clients, contractors, and other engineering disciplines to deliver solutions for any project large or small.

SM&RC has provided services on projects throughout the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

David Blanchette, P.E. - Founded SM&RC Structural Engineers Inc. in 2001. He specializes in the structural analysis, design, planning, quality control, project engineering, and construction of dams and hydraulic structures.  He has been involved in the design construction and inspection of projects ranging from several thousand dollars to over 50 million dollars. These structures include concrete gravity dams, roller compacted concrete gravity dams, concrete arch dams, earth dams, hydroelectric powerhouses, spillways, tunnels, gates, pump stations, outlet structures, canal structures, treatment plants, water storage tanks, vaults, tailings, mine process facilities, pipelines, and numerous other structures. He is knowledgeable in the design of structures subjected to flow vibration loads and hydroelectric turbine induced dynamic and pressure loads for various operating conditions. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas, and Nevada.


Jeffrey Blanchette, P.E. - Joined SM&RC Structural Engineers Inc. in 2015. He is experienced in the design and analysis of concrete structures and the demolition of bridges and buildings. Specialized design experience includes mixed used post-tensioned concrete podiums and parking garages. He has been involved with the design of all aspects of the structure including post-tensioned slabs, columns, lateral force resisting systems, retaining walls and foundation systems. He has designed numerous structures in high seismic load regions in California. His experience also includes design, construction administration, and on site inspections for hydraulic structures including headworks structures, water treatment plants, pump vaults, stilling wells, and large diameter steel pipe. He is knowledgeable of various structural analysis software packages including SAP2000, Adapt PT, ETABS, and Risa. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado and California.


Michael Wang, P.E. - Joined SM&RC Structural Engineers Inc. in 2008. He is experienced in the design and inspection of dam, water resource, and mining related structures, including the design of spillways, intake towers, low level outlet works, pipe supports, and mining process structures .  His experience with structural analysis software includes SAP 2000 and STAAD with a specialty in the FEM analysis of hydraulic and mining structures.  He also has experience with the use of Impact Echo non destructive testing equipment. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado.

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